Still, simply you can know it by a urine test, if you wish to know you're pregnant or not. Gestation accouterments are used to snappily and nearly directly determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. This device is also easy to use. When gestation occurs, the body produces a hormone called beta HCG; which can also be determined in urine. This is the main system of this test. But numerous are confused about using the device in the right way. Numerous people also have dubieties about the trustability of the results.

When to do- For those who have regular ages, do this test at least one week after the missed period. Check if you understand the signs of gestation if your ages are irregular.

How to do- It's stylish to test with first-morning urine. It can be done at any time of the day, in that case, you have to hold the urine for a long time. Each strip has instructions written on it. Urine should be tested according to that instruction.

How to understand the report? - If there's a multicolored line or line on the strip, you'll understand that the gestation is negative, not gestation. Positive if two multicolored lines or lines are seen side by side on the strip, indeed light lines can be considered positive. It means she's pregnant. However, the test should be considered invalid and repeated with another strip, if no multicolored line is seen. The report is inadmissible indeed if the negative result is positive after half an hour.

Negative but not having ages? - If you get a negative home gestation test report but still do not get your period, also stay another week and test again. However, consult a croaker, If it's negative again. The period can also stop due to reasons other than gestation.

Test verity-false- This tackle gives accurate information in about 99 percent of cases. But in some cases, it can be a false positive. Doesn't mean gestation, but can be positive. For illustration, taking a drug containing HCG hormone, in some conditions, the HCG hormone is exorbitantly buried (molar gestation, choriocarcinoma, island cell excrescence etc.). A test after a confinement or within 4 weeks of giving birth can be positive. Because the hormones still remain. Incorrect reports may do if the tackle has passed its expiry date or if the tackle is unworkable.

Why is the report false negative? - It can also be the contrary. The report looks negative but actually, you're pregnant. Why is that? If the test is done before the listed time (within a week of the period date). People who cannot hold their urine or drink a lot of water before the test may come back negative due to low situations of hormones in their urine.

Is this the last thing? - Communicate with the croaker after the report comes positive with the tackle. After a many days he'll suggest some simple blood tests and an ultrasonogram. However, you can go to the laboratory and get the urine tested again, If in mistrustfulness.

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