There are actually different styles to know if you are pregnant. A woman is always veritably happy and cheerful about her gestation. But numerous times, person does not realize they are pregnant for the first many months. Especially those with irregular ages have trouble understanding. Numerous people do not want to go for a test when they suddenly get pregnant. In this case, at home, you can find out if you are pregnant with some menage particulars.


Toothpaste- Toothpaste is the easiest and home way to find out if you are pregnant. Mix a small quantum of toothpaste with your morning urine in a clean vessel. Leave it like this for a while. If urine turns blue or sudsy. Understand that you are pregnant. Use white toothpaste.


Sugar- This kitchen item will help you to check if you are pregnant. Mix first-morning urine with one teaspoon of sugar. Stay a many twinkles. Notice whether the sugar is mixed with urine. If it mixes, you will know that you are not pregnant, and if the urine is clotted, you will know that you are pregnant.


Soap water- Mix soap water with the first-morning urine. Stay until the urine and soapy water blend. If bubbles form in the admixture, you might be pregnant. This trick does not always give accurate results. After doing this you can do another test.


Mustard greasepaint- Mix two mugs of mustard greasepaint in a bathtub or a pail of water and leave it for 20 twinkles. Now take a bath with this water. Mustard warms your body. Due to this, you will get a period of 4-5 days. However, your period will stop, if you are pregnant.


Vinegar- Mix first-morning urine with vinegar. You should know that you are pregnant if it changes its color. You will know that you are not pregnant if the color is unchanged.

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