Utmost women feel varied types of stress during gestation. Restlessness increases in them, occasionally they suffer from depression. Several transnational studies have shown that between 14 and 23 percent of women witness varied symptoms of depression during gestation. Utmost of the time, these symptoms of depression during gestation are considered normal problems due to hormonal changes or mood swings. But depression during this period can take a risk on the mama and her future child.

How to understand- Being worried utmost of the time; loss of focus; forgetting simple effects; disliking pastimes that you used to enjoy; irritability; lack of interest or dropped interest in pursuit; inordinate sleep or too little sleep; not wanting to eat or wanting to eat too important; frequently feel restlessness; reducing talk or contact with family members or cousins; crying frequently; feeling like a failure or shamefaced; solicitude or fear of death; suicidal studies etc.

Why- Factors that increase the threat of depression during gestation are connubial disharmony, deterioration of connections with family members or close cousins, former depression, stress, lack of acceptable rest, problems at work, etc.

Complications- Depression during gestation can lead to internal problems as well as physical problems. May increase the threat of preterm birth. Scarcities may do in the proper development of the fetus. Indeed, after birth, a child's normal physical and internal development may be suppressed.

Remedy- It is necessary to identify the complaint snappily by looking at the symptoms. In this situation, family support should be given. Special care should be taken to ensure that the mama gets acceptable rest. Nutritional food and necessary sleep should be handed. Giving precedence to Mama's Betsy wishes, hearkening to her attentively. Entertainment should be handed, similar as going for a walk or reading a book. Acceptable light air and a healthy terrain should be provided. However, consult a psychiatrist, If necessary.

It is essential to take care of the mama's internal health during gestation. Everyone in the family should take care of this.

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