Up to six months after birth, newborns drink only mother's milk. At this time, it is usually necessary to feed the baby every two to two and a half hours. One of the most important parts of this routine is burping them properly after feeding.

Why is it necessary? - As the newborn suckles milk, it also swallows up some air through its mouth. This air creates gas in the baby's stomach. Due to discomfort in the stomach, the child cries continuously, thrashes his hands and feet, spits milk from his mouth. This problem is reduced to a great extent by burping after each feeding.

How to do- According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the baby needs to burp every 10 minutes or so after each feeding. Any parent can do the job. There are generally 3 methods for this-

1. Keep the baby's head straight and hold the baby's face on your shoulder. One hand should lightly pat the baby's back. The baby can be lifted a little higher with his stomach on the shoulder and patted on the back. This may need to be done repeatedly. However, it should be noted that the child's head and neck are well supported by the other hand.

2. The baby can also be gently patted on the back with the palm of the hand while sitting on the lap. In that case, hold the child's chest and jaw with the other hand and support the child so that the child's head is straight. Better results can be obtained if palms are slightly folded and patted repeatedly on the back like a cup.

3. Apart from this, the baby can be patted on the back while lying on the knee. In this case too, support should be given by holding the baby's spit.

The work can be done by combining any one or both methods according to one's convenience.


1. In each method, care should be taken to keep the baby's nose open so that he can breathe properly.

2. The child should be gently and carefully supported with head and neck support.

3. Milk may come out of the baby's mouth while pumping, so it is better to put a soft cloth on the shoulder or lap.

How many days is important to do it for? This is no longer necessary when the child learns to sit upright. This usually occurs within 4 to 6 months, but some may require up to 9 months. When the mother feels that the baby is no longer crying and uncomfortable after feeding, it will no longer be necessary to do this.

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