In regular maternity care, a mother can give birth to a healthy and beautifully healthy baby by avoiding the complications of pregnancy and the dangers of childbirth. Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a normal change in women's life. Women have to go through this condition to get the taste of motherhood. But sometimes this journey becomes impassable. If maternity health care is ensured, mother's delivery is safe, maternal mortality rate is reduced. Let us try to know how a pregnant mother should take proper obstetric care and what are the danger signs to watch out for during pregnancy.

What is antenatal care- Providing planned health care to a pregnant woman from the beginning to the very end is called antenatal care or antenatal checkup.

When and how often a woman should see a doctor- After her pregnancy is confirmed or within two months of stopping menstruation. This checkup is usually required every month for up to seven months. After seven months, checkups should be done every two weeks up to 9 months. After that, this service is provided every week until delivery. If there is no opportunity to go to the doctor regularly and the pregnancy is not at risk, in that case, at least four checkups should be done by the doctor. First time in 4 months Second time in 6 to 7 months Third time in 8th month Fourth time in 9th month.

Why regular checkups- With regular obstetric care we can avoid pregnancy complications and birth dangers. A mother can give birth to a healthy and beautifully healthy child without complications.

Danger signs of pregnancy- The mother and her family should be made aware of the danger signs of pregnancy during delivery of prenatal care. For example- pre-partum and post-partum hemorrhage, blurred vision or severe headache before and after delivery, convulsions during pregnancy or after delivery, high fever and foul-smelling discharge, delayed delivery i.e. labor pain for more than 12 hours, and any organ other than the baby’s head coming out during delivery. If you see the signs, you should go to a specialist doctor as soon as possible at the nearest health center.

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