Additional Information About Aasta

Aasta: A Name with Scandinavian Roots

Meaning: Aasta is a Scandinavian name, primarily Norwegian, with two possible meanings:

  • "Year" or "Season" in Old Norse.
  • "Goddess of Abundance" in some interpretations.

Celebrity Babies:

There are no notable celebrities with the name "Aasta" as their primary name. However, it might appear as a middle name or nickname.

Stats for the Name Aasta:

  • Popularity: Aasta is a relatively uncommon name, particularly outside of Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Its popularity fluctuates, with peaks observed in the 1900s and a slight increase in recent years.
  • Gender: Aasta is traditionally a female name.

Songs about Aasta:

There are no popular songs specifically titled "Aasta". However, the name's Scandinavian origin and meaning might inspire lyrics about nature, time, or abundance in music.

Additional Notes:

  • The name "Aasta" is also written as "Åsta" in some Scandinavian languages.
  • The name has a timeless and elegant feel, often associated with strong and independent women.

If you are considering the name "Aasta" for your child, it is a unique and beautiful option with deep cultural significance.

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