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Additional Information About Babis

You're asking about the name "Babis," which is a common name in Greece, but not as widely known in other parts of the world. Here's what we can find out:

Meaning of the name Babis:

  • Greek origin: Babis is a Greek diminutive form of the name "Vassilios" (meaning "king").
  • Meaning: It signifies "little king" or "royal."

Celebrity Babies with the name Babis:

  • There aren't any widely known celebrities named Babis. This name is primarily used in Greece and is not common enough to be associated with famous figures internationally.

Stats for the Name Babis:

  • Popularity: The name Babis is relatively common in Greece, but its popularity has declined in recent years. It's not a popular name in other countries.
  • Gender: It's exclusively a masculine name.

Songs about Babis:

  • It's unlikely to find songs specifically about the name "Babis." This name is not prominent in popular culture outside of Greece, so there's no specific song mentioning it.

Important Note: While there may be some local or regional songs in Greece that mention the name Babis, they're likely not known outside the Greek cultural context.

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