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Additional Information About Baha

Let's break down the name Baha:

Meaning of Baha:

  • Arabic Origin: Baha (pronounced "bah-hah") is an Arabic name with several meanings:
    • Splendor, brilliance, glory: This is the most common interpretation.
    • Gift, bounty: Another possible translation.
    • Brightness: Reflecting the beauty and light of the name itself.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Baha:

  • There are no prominent celebrities with the name Baha. This is a relatively uncommon name, especially in Western cultures.

Stats for the Name Baha:

  • Rarity: Baha is not a popular name in the United States or most Western countries. It's more common in Arabic-speaking regions.
  • Gender: Predominantly a male name.
  • Popularity: Limited data on the name's popularity is available due to its rarity.

Songs about Baha:

  • There are no widely known songs explicitly titled "Baha." The name is not common enough to inspire numerous songs. However, you might find some references to the name in Arabic music or poetry.

Additional Information:

  • Similar Names: Baha is closely related to the name "Bahar," which means "spring" or "ocean" in Persian and Turkish.
  • Cultural Significance: The name Baha is associated with the Baháʼí Faith, a monotheistic religion.

If you're considering the name Baha for your child, it's a beautiful and unique choice. It carries a positive meaning and a sense of cultural heritage.

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