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Additional Information About Bairavi

Bairavi: A Name Rich in Meaning and Tradition


  • Derived from the Sanskrit word "Vairavī," Bairavi signifies "belonging to Bhairava" - a fierce and benevolent form of Shiva in Hinduism.
  • It represents strength, courage, and divine protection.
  • In Indian classical music, Bairavi is a raga (musical scale) known for its devotional and melancholic qualities.

Celebrity Babies:

  • While not a common name in the West, Bairavi has been given to a few celebrity babies in India. However, due to privacy concerns, specific information about these individuals is not readily available.

Stats for the Name Bairavi:

  • Rarity: Bairavi is a relatively uncommon name, especially outside of India.
  • Popularity: It's difficult to find precise stats for this name globally, but it is considered more popular in India and South Asian communities.

Songs about Bairavi:

  • Raga Bairavi: Many classical Indian musicians have composed pieces in this raga.
  • "Bairavi" by Asha Bhosle: A popular Bollywood song featuring this raga, known for its emotional depth.
  • "Bairavi" by A.R. Rahman: A devotional song by the renowned composer, highlighting the spiritual essence of the raga.

Beyond the Name:

The name Bairavi carries a deep cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the rich tapestry of Indian traditions. While not a mainstream name, it holds a unique beauty and charm.

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