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Additional Information About Cab

It seems you're asking about the name "Cab," which is likely a shortened form of "Cabell" or "Caleb," rather than a standalone name. Let's break down each point you've raised:

1. Meaning of the name Cab:

  • Cabell: Originating from the Norman-French word "cabellus," meaning "hair" or "curly hair."
  • Caleb: Derived from the Hebrew word "qalēb," which means "dog" or "faithful dog." This name is often associated with loyalty, faithfulness, and strength.

2. Celebrity Babies with the name Cab:

  • There are no publicly known celebrity babies named "Cab" as a standalone name. It's possible that some celebrities may have used this as a nickname for their children with names like Caleb or Cabell, but it's not common.

3. Stats for the Name Cab:

  • Since "Cab" is not a recognized standalone name, there are no official statistics available for its usage.
  • You can, however, find stats for the names "Cabell" and "Caleb" on websites like BabyCenter or Nameberry. These sites track name popularity and provide insights into their usage trends.

4. Songs about Cab:

  • There aren't any popular songs with the word "Cab" in the title or lyrics. However, there might be some obscure or lesser-known songs out there that use the name.

To summarize:

While "Cab" might be a nickname used occasionally, it's not a widely recognized or used name. If you're interested in the name, you can explore the more common and established names of "Cabell" and "Caleb" for more information and stats.

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