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Additional Information About Dakshin

Dakshin: A Name with Rich Meaning and Cultural Significance


"Dakshin" is a name of Indian origin, primarily used for boys. It has multiple meanings, each holding cultural significance:

  • "South" in Sanskrit: The most common meaning, referring to the southern direction.
  • "Right Hand" in Sanskrit: Symbolic of strength, power, and auspiciousness.
  • "Gift" in Sanskrit: Implying generosity and blessing.

Celebrity Babies with this Name:

While not a widely popular name, Dakshin has been chosen by a few celebrities for their children:

  • **The actor and director, Rahul Bose, named his son Dakshin in 2017. **

Stats for the Name Dakshin:

  • Popularity: Dakshin is a relatively uncommon name, ranking outside the top 1000 in the US.
  • Trend: The name's popularity has been steadily increasing, though still remaining low.

Songs about Dakshin:

There are no known songs specifically titled "Dakshin." However, the name's association with the South could potentially lead to connections with songs about the region or its culture.

Additional Information:

  • Dakshin is also a Hindu deity, the god of the South.
  • The name is often used in various Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu.


Dakshin is a name with a rich meaning and cultural significance, offering a connection to Indian tradition and heritage. While not a common name, it signifies strength, auspiciousness, and generosity.

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