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Additional Information About Damayanti

Damayanti: A Name Steeped in Mythology and Beauty


Damayanti is a Sanskrit name of Indian origin, meaning "subduer of the enemy" or "she who conquers her foes". However, it is often interpreted as "beautiful" or "radiant" due to its association with the legendary character Damayanti from the Indian epic Mahabharata.

Damayanti in Mythology:

Damayanti is a central figure in the Swayamvara (self-choice) episode of the Mahabharata. She was known for her beauty and virtue, attracting the attention of five kings, including the Pandava prince Nala. She chose Nala as her husband, despite the efforts of the other kings to win her hand. The story of their love, trials, and eventual reunion is a timeless tale of devotion and perseverance.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Damayanti:

Unfortunately, there are no prominent celebrity babies named Damayanti. The name is more common in traditional Indian families and holds significant cultural and mythological value.

Stats for the Name Damayanti:

Finding specific statistics for the name Damayanti is challenging as it is a relatively uncommon name globally. However, the name is more prevalent in India and countries with strong Indian diaspora populations.

Songs About Damayanti:

There are no popular songs specifically titled "Damayanti". However, there may be folk songs or classical Indian music pieces that mention the character or her story.


Damayanti is a beautiful and meaningful name, reflecting strength, beauty, and devotion. It holds special significance in Indian culture due to its association with the legendary character from the Mahabharata. While it's not a common name globally, it is appreciated for its rich history and the positive attributes it embodies.

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