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The Name Ea: Meaning, Stats, Celebrities, and Songs


  • Sumerian Origin: Ea is a name of Sumerian origin, meaning "house" or "home."
  • Babylonian God: In Babylonian mythology, Ea is the god of wisdom, water, and creation. He is considered the patron of the city of Eridu and is often depicted as a man with a fish tail.

Celebrity Babies:

While Ea is a beautiful and unique name, it's not particularly common in the West. There haven't been any notable celebrity babies named Ea.


  • Popularity: Ea is a very rare name, making it a truly unique and individual choice. Its popularity hasn't been tracked by major baby name websites.
  • Gender: Ea is typically considered a male name, though it can be used for both genders.

Songs About Ea:

There aren't any popular songs explicitly titled "Ea" or specifically referencing the name. However, you might find songs related to:

  • Sumerian mythology: There might be some folk songs or music inspired by the ancient Sumerian civilization and its deities, including Ea.
  • Water and creation: Since Ea is associated with water and creation, you might find songs exploring themes of nature, the ocean, or the origins of life.

Beyond the Name:

If you are interested in exploring further, you could:

  • Research Sumerian mythology: Learn more about the god Ea and his role in Sumerian stories.
  • Find music inspired by ancient civilizations: Search for musical pieces influenced by Mesopotamia, Sumer, or other ancient cultures.
  • Explore the meaning of "house" and "home" in different cultures: Consider how this concept is expressed in music and literature.

While the name Ea might not be widely known, its unique meaning and association with ancient mythology can offer a rich source of inspiration and exploration.

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