Fadl Ullah

Excellence of God









Additional Information About Fadl Ullah

Let's break down the meaning and usage of the name "Fadl Ullah":

Meaning of Fadl Ullah:

  • Fadl (Arabic: فضل) means "grace," "favor," "bounty," or "excellence."
  • Ullah (Arabic: الله) means "God" or "Allah" in Arabic.

Therefore, Fadl Ullah translates to "God's Grace," "God's Favor," or "God's Bounty." It's a common and meaningful name in many Muslim cultures.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Fadl Ullah:

  • There are no widely known celebrities with the name "Fadl Ullah." This name is primarily used in Muslim communities and may not be as common in the wider media.

Stats for the Name Fadl Ullah:

  • It's difficult to find accurate statistics for a name like "Fadl Ullah." This name is not tracked in most global baby name databases due to its cultural specificity. It's likely more prevalent in certain regions and countries with large Muslim populations.

Songs About Fadl Ullah:

  • No known songs specifically titled "Fadl Ullah" exist. This name's significance is primarily cultural and religious, not often directly used as song titles. However, some Islamic songs or devotional music might indirectly mention or celebrate "Fadl Ullah" as a concept.

Important Note:

It's important to understand that names hold deep cultural and religious significance. Using a name like "Fadl Ullah" should be done with respect and understanding of its meaning and context.

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