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Additional Information About Faline

Faline: A Name with Charm


Faline is a feminine name of French origin, derived from the word "faon," meaning "fawn." It evokes images of a young, delicate, and graceful deer.

Celebrity Babies:

There are no notable celebrities with the name Faline. It's a rare name, even in the realm of celebrity baby names.


  • Popularity: Faline is a very rare name. It doesn't appear on the US Social Security Administration's list of top 1000 baby names, indicating very few babies are given this name.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: French
  • Variations: There are no widely recognized variations of the name Faline.


There are no songs titled "Faline," nor are there any prominent songs that mention the name.

Other Interesting Points:

  • Literary Reference: The name Faline is most famously known for being the doe in Walt Disney's 1942 animated film "Bambi."
  • Symbolism: The name Faline is often associated with qualities like gentleness, grace, and innocence.

While uncommon, Faline is a beautiful and unique name with a charming meaning. If you're looking for a name that stands out and evokes a sense of elegance and nature, Faline might be a good option.

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