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Additional Information About Farukh

The Meaning of Farukh

The name Farukh is of Arabic origin and means "joyful," "happy," or "blessed." It is a popular name in many Muslim-majority countries.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Farukh

While the name Farukh is not common in Western cultures, it's a well-established name in many Muslim-majority communities. Therefore, it's challenging to pinpoint specific celebrities with this name who are widely known.

Stats for the Name Farukh

Unfortunately, there are no widely available public databases for global baby name statistics. Therefore, it's difficult to provide specific stats for the name Farukh. However, it's a popular name in several countries, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Songs about Farukh

There are no known songs specifically titled "Farukh." However, there might be songs in languages like Urdu, Hindi, or other South Asian languages that feature the name in their lyrics. You might be able to find such songs on music streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music, searching with relevant keywords like "Farukh song," "Farukh music," or "songs with Farukh in lyrics."

It's important to note that the popularity and usage of the name Farukh vary across regions and cultures.

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