Additional Information About Gabbai

Let's break down the name "Gabbai" for you:

Meaning of the Name Gabbai:

  • Origin: The name Gabbai is of Hebrew origin.
  • Meaning: "Treasurer" or "Collector"

Celebrity Babies with the Name Gabbai:

  • There are no publicly known celebrities with the name Gabbai. This is likely due to the name's relatively uncommon usage.

Stats for the Name Gabbai:

  • Rarity: The name Gabbai is very rare. It is not listed in popular baby name databases, indicating that it is not a common choice.
  • Popularity: Due to its rarity, it is highly unlikely to find any reliable statistics on the name Gabbai's popularity.

Songs About Gabbai:

  • There are no known songs specifically about the name Gabbai. It is a unique name, so it is not surprising that it has not yet been used in popular music.

Additional Information:

The name Gabbai is primarily associated with Jewish tradition, where it refers to the person responsible for managing the synagogue's finances and administrative tasks.

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