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Additional information about Habibah(حَبِيبَه)

Habibah (حَبِيبَه)

Meaning: The name Habibah (حَبِيبَه) is an Arabic name of feminine origin. It means "beloved," "dear," or "darling."

Origin: The name originates from the Arabic word "ḥabīb" (حَبِيب), which means "lover" or "beloved."

Celebrity Babies: While not a particularly common name in Western culture, it is a popular name in many Muslim-majority countries. There are no widely recognized celebrity babies named Habibah.

Stats: It is difficult to find precise statistics on the popularity of the name Habibah globally. Its prevalence varies significantly across different cultures and regions. It's likely to be more popular in Muslim-majority countries compared to Western nations.

Songs about Habibah: There are no widely known songs specifically titled "Habibah." However, you might find songs or poems in Arabic or other languages referencing the name, as it is a common and meaningful name in many cultures.


  • The name Habibah can also be spelled as "Habiba" in some contexts.
  • The meaning of the name holds a strong sense of affection and love. It is often given to girls as a symbol of endearment and cherished affection.

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