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Additional Information About Hadadezer

Let's break down the name "Hadadezer":

Meaning of the Name Hadadezer:

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: "Hadad is my help" or "Hadad has helped"
  • Components:
    • Hadad: A Semitic storm god, often associated with strength and power.
    • Ezer: Hebrew for "help"

Celebrity Babies with the Name Hadadezer:

  • There are no known celebrity babies named Hadadezer. This is a very uncommon name.

Stats for the Name Hadadezer:

  • Popularity: Extremely rare. It is not ranked on any popular baby name lists.
  • Gender: Typically masculine

Songs about Hadadezer:

  • There are no songs specifically about the name "Hadadezer". This name is primarily associated with a historical figure (King Hadadezer of Zobah mentioned in the Bible).

Historical Context:

  • King Hadadezer: This name is most famously associated with King Hadadezer of Zobah, a powerful Syrian king who fought against King David in the Old Testament (2 Samuel 8, 10, 1 Chronicles 18, 19).

Additional Notes:

  • The name Hadadezer is a strong and unique choice. However, its rarity and historical connotations might make it challenging to pronounce or spell correctly.

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