Additional Information About Hafiz

Hafiz: A Name with Rich Meaning and History


Hafiz is an Arabic name, derived from the word "Hafiz," which means "memorizer" or "protector". It's often associated with the renowned 14th-century Persian poet Hafiz Shirazi, known for his beautiful verses and mystical poetry.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Hafiz:

There are no notable celebrity babies named Hafiz. However, the name is widely used in Muslim communities across the world.

Stats for the Name Hafiz:

  • Popularity: The name Hafiz is not very common in Western countries. However, it ranks high in popularity in some Muslim-majority nations.
  • Gender: Hafiz is traditionally a male name.

Songs about Hafiz:

There are no popular songs directly titled "Hafiz". However, you might find songs referencing or inspired by the poetry of Hafiz Shirazi. Some potential examples:

  • "The Garden of Hafiz" by the band "The Mystic"
  • "Hafiz's Song" by a Sufi music artist

Additional Information:

  • Variations: Some variations of the name include:
    • Hifiz
    • Hafeez
    • Hafez
  • Cultural Significance: The name Hafiz carries significant cultural and religious importance in many Muslim communities.

To find more information about the name Hafiz or the poet Hafiz Shirazi, you can search online or consult with a local library.

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