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Additional Information About Ilham

Let's break down the name "Ilham":


  • Arabic Origin: The name "Ilham" is of Arabic origin and means "inspiration," "divine inspiration," or "revelation." It's a beautiful name that evokes a sense of creativity, insight, and spiritual connection.

Celebrity Babies:

  • Finding a celebrity baby named "Ilham" is tricky. While "Ilham" is a common name in many parts of the world, it's less common in Western celebrity circles.

Stats for the Name Ilham:

  • Common in certain regions: "Ilham" is a popular name in countries with a significant Muslim population, such as:

    • Middle East: Especially in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
    • Southeast Asia: Common in Indonesia, Malaysia, and parts of the Philippines.
    • Africa: Found in many North African countries and parts of East Africa.
  • Popularity in the U.S. and other Western nations: It's not as common in Western countries, making it a unique and distinctive choice. You'll likely find it less frequently in popularity charts for those regions.

Songs about Ilham:

  • Specific Songs: It's unlikely that you'll find many songs explicitly titled "Ilham" due to its regional prominence.
  • Inspirational Themes: You might find songs with themes that relate to the meaning of "Ilham" – inspiration, creativity, or spiritual awakening. Consider searching for songs with keywords like:
    • "Inspiration"
    • "Divine guidance"
    • "Revelation"
    • "Creativity"

To find more information:

  • Online Name Databases: Websites like BabyCenter, Nameberry, and Behind the Name provide name origin, meaning, and sometimes popularity stats.
  • Regional Culture: If you're interested in the use of the name "Ilham" in specific regions, try searching online for:
    • "Ilham name meaning in [country]"
    • "Ilham name popularity in [country]"

Let me know if you have other questions about the name "Ilham"!

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