Estonian Variant of The Name of Jacob. Jacob Means The Heel. It Can Also Mean To Overthrow And Gain Power









Additional Information About Jaagup

It seems you're asking about the name "Jaagup," which is likely a variation of "Jaakob" or "Jacob." Here's what I can tell you about it:

Meaning of the Name Jaagup:

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: "He will supplant" or "He will seize by the heel." This refers to a story in the Bible where Jacob, while still in the womb, grabbed his twin brother Esau's heel.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Jaagup:

There isn't any information available about famous babies named Jaagup. It's possible this name is quite rare, particularly outside of Estonia (where it seems to be more common).

Stats for the Name Jaagup:

  • Popularity: This name is not tracked by popular baby name websites like Nameberry or BabyCenter. It is likely to be uncommon in English-speaking countries.
  • Distribution: As mentioned earlier, it appears to be more popular in Estonia.

Songs about Jaagup:

There are no known songs specifically about the name "Jaagup." If you're interested in songs about similar names like Jacob, there are many options.

Additional Notes:

  • The name "Jaagup" is likely a variation of the Hebrew name "Jacob." In Estonian, "Jaakob" is a common spelling.
  • The name "Jaagup" might also be a nickname or a shortened version of a longer name.

If you're looking for more information about the name "Jaagup," you might try searching online using Estonian resources.

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