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Additional Information About Jabbok

Let's break down the name Jabbok:

Meaning of Jabbok:

  • Biblical Origin: The name Jabbok comes from the Hebrew word "Yabbok," meaning "to wrestle" or "to overflow."
  • Biblical Significance: In the Bible, the Jabbok River is a significant location where Jacob wrestled with an angel. This event is a powerful story of faith and struggle, and the name Jabbok evokes a sense of strength and determination.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Jabbok:

  • Notably Absent: The name Jabbok is not a common name, and there are no notable celebrities with children named Jabbok.

Stats for the Name Jabbok:

  • Rarer than Rare: Jabbok is an incredibly uncommon name, rarely appearing in official baby name databases. Its use is highly uncommon.

Songs About Jabbok:

  • No Dedicated Songs: Given the name's rarity, there are no known songs dedicated solely to the name Jabbok. You might find mentions of the Jabbok River in religious music or folk songs referencing biblical stories.

In Summary:

Jabbok is a name steeped in biblical meaning, conveying strength and resilience. While it's not a popular name, its unique origins and connection to a powerful story make it a memorable and meaningful choice for parents looking for something distinct.

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