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Meaning of the name Kabira (كَبِيْرَة)

The name "Kabira" (كَبِيْرَة) is an Arabic name, primarily used for females. It is a variant of "Kabir" (كَبِيْر) which means "great" or "large" in Arabic.

Celebrity Babies with the name Kabira (كَبِيْرَة):

It's challenging to find specific instances of celebrity babies named "Kabira" due to the name's relatively uncommon usage, especially in the Western world. However, a notable example of a prominent personality with this name is:

  • Kabira Kaur: An Indian author and screenwriter.

Stats for the Name Kabira (كَبِيْرَة):

Exact statistics for the name "Kabira" are difficult to obtain. This is because:

  • Variations: The name may appear in slightly different spellings or transliterations.
  • Regional Usage: Its popularity can vary significantly across different countries and cultures.

However, you can find some general data on the popularity of Arabic names in specific regions by searching on websites like BabyCenter or Behind the Name.

Songs about Kabira (كَبِيْرَة):

There are no known songs specifically titled "Kabira" or focusing on the name itself. This is likely due to its uncommon usage in popular music. However, there are songs that touch upon themes of greatness and importance, which align with the meaning of the name "Kabira."

Note: It's important to remember that the cultural significance of a name can vary based on its usage and interpretation. While the literal meaning of "Kabira" might be "great" in Arabic, its deeper meaning might be influenced by different cultural contexts.

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