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Additional Information About Kalaimagal

Understanding the Name Kalaimagal


Kalaimagal is a Tamil name that translates to "Daughter of the Arts" or "Artistic Daughter". It's a beautiful name that reflects a deep appreciation for creativity and artistic expression.


The name is a combination of two Tamil words:

  • Kalai: Art, skill, talent
  • Magal: Daughter


Kalaimagal is a fairly common name in Tamil Nadu, India. It is often given to girls who show artistic inclinations or are expected to excel in the arts.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Kalaimagal

There are no prominent celebrities with the name Kalaimagal in the mainstream. However, this name might be prevalent in South Indian film industries.

Stats for the Name Kalaimagal

Due to the regional nature of the name, it's challenging to find accurate global statistics for Kalaimagal. However, you can explore databases like BabyCenter or Behind the Name for specific regional or ethnic trends.

Songs about Kalaimagal

There are no known songs specifically named after Kalaimagal. However, there might be Tamil film songs or devotional songs featuring the name or referring to the concept of "Daughter of the Arts" within their lyrics.

To find such songs, you could:

  • Search for Tamil film music databases.
  • Use keywords like "Kalai Magal" or "Kalaimagal" in Tamil music search engines.
  • Consult with Tamil music experts or enthusiasts.

Remember that Kalaimagal is a beautiful name with a deep cultural significance. If you're considering this name for your daughter, it reflects a belief in the power of creativity and artistry.

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