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Additional Information About Kama

The Name Kama: Meaning, Celebrities, Stats, and Songs


Kama is a name with roots in several cultures and languages, each lending a unique meaning:

  • Sanskrit: Kama signifies "desire," "love," or "lust," often associated with the Hindu god of love, Kamadeva.
  • Japanese: Kama can mean "silk" or "thread," often referencing the elegance and beauty of these materials.
  • Hawaiian: Kama signifies "friend," emphasizing a close, loyal bond.

Celebrity Babies:

There are no widely known celebrities with the name "Kama." This may be because it's a relatively uncommon name, especially in Western cultures.


As a relatively uncommon name, it's difficult to find specific statistics for "Kama." However, we can make some inferences:

  • Popularity: It's likely to be a less popular name compared to mainstream choices.
  • Gender: While used for both boys and girls, it's probably more common for boys, given its association with "Kamadeva" in Hinduism.

Songs about Kama:

There are no readily identifiable songs specifically titled "Kama." However, some songs might reference the name or its meanings indirectly:

  • "Desire" by U2: Reflects the core meaning of Kama in Sanskrit.
  • "Love" by The Beatles: Another song touching upon the concept embodied by Kama.
  • "Kama Sutra" by the band of the same name: While not directly referencing the name, the song's title hints at the themes associated with Kama.

In Conclusion:

Kama is a name with a rich meaning and historical background, though not particularly popular in mainstream culture. It offers a unique and evocative choice for parents seeking a name with a sense of desire, love, or friendship.

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