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Additional Information About Kanwal

Kanwal: A Name with Meaning & Variations


The name Kanwal is of Persian origin and means "lotus flower" or "star". It is a beautiful name associated with purity, beauty, and enlightenment.


  • Kanwaljit: A common surname in India, often used as a given name.
  • Kanwalpreet: A popular name in Sikh communities, combining "Kanwal" with "preet" meaning "love".
  • Kanwaldeep: Another popular Sikh name, combining "Kanwal" with "deep" meaning "light".

Celebrity Babies with the Name Kanwal:

There are no widely recognized celebrities with the name "Kanwal" as a given name. It is more common as a surname or part of a compound name.

Stats for the Name Kanwal:

Unfortunately, there is no readily available data on the popularity or usage of the name "Kanwal" globally. Its prevalence likely varies significantly across different cultures and regions.

Songs about Kanwal:

There are no known songs explicitly dedicated to the name "Kanwal." However, the name's association with lotus flowers and stars could inspire lyrics in songs related to nature, beauty, or enlightenment.

Note: The name "Kanwal" is often associated with specific cultural contexts and may have different meanings and significance within those communities.

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