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It seems you're asking about the name "Maai," but there's a bit of confusion. "Maai" is not a common name, and it's likely you're looking for a slightly different spelling or a related name. Let's explore some possibilities:

Possible Meanings and Variations:

  • Mai: This name is of Vietnamese origin and means "beautiful" or "pretty."
  • Maya: A popular name with various origins (Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Mayan) and meanings. It can mean "illusion" (Sanskrit), "water" (Hebrew), or "great" (Mayan).
  • Maia: Of Greek origin, meaning "mother" or "nurse." In Greek mythology, Maia is the mother of Hermes.
  • Maeve: An Irish name meaning "she who intoxicates" or "she who makes drunk."

Celebrity Babies with Similar Names:

  • Maya Rudolph: Actress and comedian.
  • Maia Mitchell: Actress.
  • Maeve Wiley: A character on the Netflix series "Sex Education."

Stats for Similar Names:

  • Maya: A consistently popular name in the United States, ranking among the top 100 for many years.
  • Maia: A less common name but gaining popularity.
  • Maeve: A name that has experienced a recent surge in popularity, particularly after the success of "Sex Education."

Songs about Similar Names:

  • "Maya" by John Mayer: A song about a woman named Maya.
  • "Maia" by The Paper Kites: A song with the name Maia in the lyrics.

It's important to clarify the exact spelling or intended meaning of the name you're looking for to provide more accurate information.

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