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Additional Information About Maani

Let's break down the name Maani:

Meaning of the name Maani:

  • Arabic Origin: The name Maani is primarily of Arabic origin and means "meaning" or "sense."
  • Other Possible Meanings: In some cultures, Maani might also be interpreted as "gift" or "blessing."

Celebrity Babies with the name Maani:

  • There are no notable celebrities with the name Maani. The name is relatively uncommon, particularly in Western cultures.

Stats for the Name Maani:

  • Rarity: Maani is an infrequent name, with very low usage rates globally.
  • Popularity: While the name is beautiful, it is not widely popular in any country.
  • Gender: Maani is generally considered a unisex name, though it is more common for boys.

Songs about Maani:

  • No songs with the title "Maani" are commonly known. The name's rarity means it's unlikely to have been used as a song title.

Additional Notes:

  • Variations: The name Maani might have variations in different languages, such as "Mani" or "Mahani."
  • Cultural Significance: The name's meaning of "sense" or "meaning" could potentially hold cultural significance in societies where understanding and wisdom are highly valued.

If you're considering the name Maani for your child, it's a beautiful and unique choice!

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