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Additional Information About Macarthur

Macarthur: A Name With Meaning and History


The name Macarthur is of Scottish origin and means "son of Arthur." It's a patronymic surname, meaning it was originally a way of identifying someone as the descendant of a person named Arthur.

Celebrity Babies:

While Macarthur isn't a widely used name for babies, there are a few notable instances:

  • Macarthur "Mac" Grant: Son of actor and comedian Andy Daly, known for his roles in "Review" and "Comedy Bang! Bang!"

Stats for the Name Macarthur:

  • Popularity: Macarthur is a very rare name, ranking outside the top 1000 in the United States.
  • Gender: While it's used for both genders, it's more commonly associated with male names.

Songs About Macarthur:

There aren't any popular songs specifically about the name Macarthur. However, the name is associated with General Douglas MacArthur, a prominent figure in American history, who may be mentioned in songs about wars or specific historical events.

Other Notable People Named Macarthur:

  • General Douglas MacArthur: A prominent American military leader, known for his role in World War II and the Korean War.
  • Arthur MacArthur Jr.: The father of General Douglas MacArthur, also a high-ranking military officer.
  • MacArthur Wheeler: A notorious criminal who attempted to rob banks while wearing lemon juice on his face, believing it would make him invisible to security cameras.

In Conclusion:

Macarthur is a name with a strong historical and cultural significance, linked to the Scottish tradition of patronymic surnames. While not widely used for babies, the name is still connected to important figures in American history and has the potential to be a unique and meaningful choice.

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