Additional Information About Mahiya

Mahiya: A Name with Multiple Meanings and Melodies


The name Mahiya is of Arabic origin and carries a few different interpretations:

  • "Beloved" or "My Beloved": This is the most common and widely accepted meaning of the name Mahiya, reflecting deep affection and endearment.
  • "Gift from God": Another interpretation suggests that Mahiya represents a divine blessing or a precious gift.
  • "My Beautiful One": This meaning highlights the captivating beauty and charm associated with the name.

Celebrity Babies:

While Mahiya is not a particularly common name, it has been chosen for a few notable children:

  • Mahiya Kapoor: Daughter of Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput.

Stats for the Name Mahiya:

The popularity of the name Mahiya is relatively low, but it is gaining traction, especially in South Asia. Unfortunately, there isn't specific data available to pinpoint its exact ranking or prevalence.

Songs about Mahiya:

"Mahiya" is a popular name in Indian music, and numerous songs feature it in their lyrics or titles. Some well-known examples include:

  • "Mahiya" by Arijit Singh: This soulful song is from the Bollywood movie "Kaabil" and features heartfelt lyrics about love and longing.
  • "Mahiya" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: A classic Sufi Qawwali rendition, this song is renowned for its emotional depth and powerful vocals.
  • "Mahiya" by Sukhwinder Singh: A vibrant and energetic track from the Bollywood movie "Dil Se," this song is known for its catchy melody and energetic rhythm.


The name Mahiya holds a beautiful and poetic significance, reflecting love, beauty, and divine blessing. Its use in popular culture, particularly in music, further reinforces its captivating charm and heartfelt appeal. While not a common name, Mahiya carries a unique allure and a strong connection to its cultural roots.

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