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Additional Information About Naagraj

Let's break down the information about the name "Naagraj":

Meaning of the Name Naagraj:

  • Naagraj is a Hindi name, primarily used in India. It combines two words:
    • Naag (नाग): Means "snake" or "cobra" in Hindi.
    • Raj (राज): Means "king" or "ruler" in Hindi.

Therefore, Naagraj means "King of Snakes" or "Snake King".

Celebrity Babies with the Name Naagraj:

  • There is no known celebrity baby named Naagraj. The name is relatively uncommon and is not generally used by celebrities.

Stats for the Name Naagraj:

  • Rarity: The name Naagraj is extremely rare, particularly outside of India.
  • Popularity: There is no official data on the popularity of the name Naagraj globally.
  • Gender: The name Naagraj is predominantly a masculine name.

Songs about Naagraj:

  • There are no widely known songs specifically about the name Naagraj. However, there might be regional folk songs or songs in Indian languages that reference Naagraj as a mythical figure.

Additional Information:

  • Naagraj in Mythology: The name Naagraj is often associated with the mythical serpent king Vasuki, who features prominently in Hindu mythology.
  • Naagraj in Popular Culture: In Indian comic books, "Naagraj" is the name of a superhero character, a human with snake-like powers who fights for justice.

If you are considering the name Naagraj for your child, it is a unique and culturally rich choice. However, due to its rarity, you might want to be prepared for questions and potential difficulties in pronunciation.

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