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Additional Information About Naamdev

Naamdev: A Name with Rich Meaning and Heritage


Naamdev is a Hindu name, primarily of Indian origin, meaning "servant of the name" or "slave of the name." The name refers to the Supreme Being or God, emphasizing devotion and surrender to the divine.

Celebrity Babies:

While there are no notable celebrities named Naamdev, the name holds significance in Indian culture, especially within the Bhakti movement.


  • Popularity: Naamdev is a relatively uncommon name, but it holds religious and cultural importance in India. It's primarily associated with the famous saint poet, Sant Naamdev, and his followers.
  • Gender: It's a masculine name.

Songs about Naamdev:

  • Naamdev's devotional songs: Many hymns and devotional songs are attributed to Sant Naamdev, celebrated for their lyrical beauty and spiritual insights. You can find these songs in various languages, including Marathi and Hindi.
  • "Naamdev" by Various Artists: There might be modern songs featuring the name "Naamdev" in their titles, though they're not as readily available as traditional devotional songs.

Further Exploration:

  • Sant Naamdev: To understand the meaning and significance of the name Naamdev, it's essential to learn about Sant Naamdev, a prominent 13th-century saint poet who played a crucial role in the Bhakti movement. Researching his life and works will provide deeper insights into the name's cultural relevance.
  • Devotional Music: Exploring devotional music from the Bhakti tradition can expose you to the beauty and spirituality associated with the name Naamdev.

In Conclusion:

Naamdev is a name steeped in religious and cultural significance. While not widely used today, its meaning and association with Sant Naamdev continue to inspire and resonate with devotees. If you're interested in learning more about the name, delve into the history and teachings of Sant Naamdev and the rich tradition of Bhakti music.

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