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Additional Information About Neenah

Let's break down the name "Neenah":


  • Origin: The name "Neenah" is primarily of Native American origin, specifically Ojibwe (a language spoken by indigenous peoples in the Great Lakes region of North America).
  • Meaning: The meaning of "Neenah" in Ojibwe is "beautiful" or "handsome."

Celebrity Babies:

There are no widely known celebrity babies named Neenah. It's a relatively uncommon name, so it's less likely to be chosen by celebrities seeking more unique names.


  • Popularity: "Neenah" is a rare name in the United States. It's not consistently ranked in the top 1000 names, indicating it's chosen by a very small number of parents each year.
  • Gender: While the name "Neenah" can be used for both boys and girls, it's more commonly associated with girls.

Songs about Neenah:

  • No Specific Songs: There aren't any well-known songs specifically named "Neenah."

It's important to note that the name "Neenah" might be used in songs or poems, but they wouldn't be widely popular. The name's connection to a specific Native American language and culture makes it unique and meaningful, even if it's not as widely known as other names.

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