Additional Information About Neeru

Let's explore the name "Neeru"!

Meaning of the Name Neeru:

The name "Neeru" is primarily of Indian origin, specifically Hindi. It means "water" and is often used to signify purity, clarity, and life-giving qualities.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Neeru:

There are no notable celebrities with the name "Neeru" as a first name. However, there are several Indian actresses and singers with the last name "Neeru" such as:

  • Neeru Bajwa: A popular Punjabi actress.
  • Neeru Chadha: An Indian actress.
  • Neeru Rana: A popular Indian playback singer.

Stats for the Name Neeru:

It's difficult to provide exact global stats for the name "Neeru". Popularity varies widely based on region and ethnicity. In India, "Neeru" is a moderately common name.

Songs about Neeru:

There are no widely known songs explicitly titled "Neeru". However, given its connection to "water," songs that mention water, rain, or its symbolic meaning could be considered relevant.

Important Note:

It's worth mentioning that the name "Neeru" might be a variant spelling or nickname for other names. For instance, "Neeru" could be a shortened form of "Narendra," which is a popular name in India.

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