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Additional Information About Nimue

Nimue: A Name Steeped in Legend

Meaning: Nimue, often spelled "Viviane" or "Vivian," is a name of Welsh origin meaning "bright" or "radiant."

Mythological Significance: Nimue is a prominent figure in Arthurian legends, often portrayed as the Lady of the Lake. She is credited with enchanting and imprisoning the wizard Merlin, symbolizing both powerful feminine energy and the potential for both love and loss.

Celebrity Babies: Nimue is not a common name and hasn't been given to many celebrity babies. While the name itself has a strong connection to mythology, its popularity doesn't translate into modern usage.

Stats for the Name Nimue:

  • Rarity: Nimue is extremely rare. Its usage is not tracked by popular name databases like the Social Security Administration.
  • Popularity: The name "Vivian" is much more common, likely due to its association with the famous author, Vivian Leigh.

Songs About Nimue:

  • "The Ballad of Nimue" by The Decemberists: A song about Nimue's love for Merlin, referencing the Arthurian legend.
  • "Nimue (The Lady of the Lake)" by A.S.K. (A Secret Knock): A modern rock song inspired by the legend of Nimue.

Beyond the Statistics:

While Nimue may not be a popular choice for parents, its rich history and powerful symbolism make it a captivating name. If you're looking for a unique and evocative name, Nimue could be a perfect fit.

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