Grace Famous Bearer: 17Th Century Aristrocat Ninon De Lenclos Was Famous For Her Wit And Beauty









Additional Information About Ninon

Ninon: A Name with French Charm

Meaning: The name Ninon is of French origin and is a diminutive of Anne or Jeanne, meaning "grace" or "God is gracious."

Celebrity Babies:

  • There are no prominent celebrity babies named Ninon. However, the name has been used by some notable figures in history, including:
    • Ninon de Lenclos: (1620-1705) A celebrated French courtesan and salon hostess known for her wit and charm.
    • Ninon Vallin: (1886-1961) A French opera singer known for her powerful voice and dramatic presence.


  • Ninon is a rare name, especially in English-speaking countries.
  • It's not consistently ranked in the US top 1000 baby names.
  • In France, the name Ninon has seen a slight resurgence in popularity in recent years, but it still remains uncommon.


  • There are no known popular songs specifically about the name Ninon. However, the name's connection to Ninon de Lenclos, a figure of intrigue and romance, might inspire some musical compositions.


Ninon is a name with a rich history and a charming French origin. While not commonly used today, it offers a unique and elegant alternative to more popular names.

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