Additional Information About Nita

The Name Nita:


Nita is a short form of the name Anita, which is of Latin origin. It means "gracious" or "favored by God."

Celebrity Babies with the name Nita:

There haven't been any notable celebrity babies named Nita in recent years. The name has been less popular in recent times.

Stats for the Name Nita:

  • Popularity: Nita is a relatively uncommon name. Its popularity has been declining in the United States.
  • Origin: Latin
  • Gender: Female

Songs about Nita:

There are no popular songs with the name Nita in the title. However, you might find some obscure songs or local folk songs that reference the name.

Other things to note:

  • Nita is a popular name in some countries like India, where it is often a nickname for Anita.
  • The name Nita may be associated with the character Nita in the mobile game Brawl Stars.

If you are considering naming your baby Nita, it is a unique and meaningful name with a charming sound. It might be worth exploring its usage and meaning in different cultures.

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