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Additional Information About Noritaka

Let's break down the name Noritaka:

Meaning of Noritaka:

  • Noritaka (典孝) is a Japanese name composed of two kanji characters:

    • 典 (Nor): Meaning "典" means "classic," "rule," or "standard."
    • 孝 (Taka): "孝" means "filial piety," "respect for parents," or "dutifulness."
  • Combined meaning: So, Noritaka can be interpreted as "respectful of tradition" or "following the established way."

Celebrity Babies with this name Noritaka:

  • There are no well-known celebrities with the name Noritaka. This name is relatively uncommon, especially outside of Japan.

Stats for the Name Noritaka:

  • Rarity: Noritaka is an uncommon name, even in Japan.
  • Popularity: It's not listed among the top 1000 most popular names for boys in Japan.
  • Gender: It is primarily a masculine name.

Songs about Noritaka:

  • There are no known songs specifically titled "Noritaka" or explicitly about a person with that name. This is likely due to the name's rarity and cultural specificity.

Additional Information

  • Variations: The name might appear with slight variations in spelling, such as Noritada or Noritatsu.
  • Cultural significance: The name reflects traditional Japanese values of respect for elders and following established norms.

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