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Additional Information About North

The Name North:


  • Direction: Most literally, "North" refers to the cardinal direction, opposite of South.
  • Strength and Power: In some cultures, North represents strength, power, and a sense of direction.
  • Cold and Harsh: North can also symbolize a cold, harsh environment, especially in the context of the North Pole.

Celebrity Baby with This Name:

  • North West: The firstborn child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Stats for the Name North:

  • Popularity: The name "North" is relatively uncommon. It has seen a slight rise in popularity since the birth of North West, but it remains a unique choice.
  • Gender: While primarily used for girls, "North" is technically a gender-neutral name.

Songs about North:

  • There are no widely known songs directly titled "North".
  • However, many songs contain lyrics about "North" in a directional sense, or as a metaphorical representation of something powerful or cold.


  • "North Star" by Coldplay: Uses the North Star as a symbol of hope and direction.
  • "The North Wind" by The Decemberists: A song about a harsh, wintry environment.
  • "Go North" by Modest Mouse: A song about seeking new horizons.


  • The meaning and symbolism of a name can be subjective and personal.
  • The popularity of a name can change over time.
  • While North West brought the name to wider attention, its true meaning and association with strength, direction, or harshness ultimately depends on individual perception.

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