Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Fortinbras, Prince of Norway.









Additional Information About Norway

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1. Meaning of the Name Norway:

  • "Norway" is not a common given name. It's the name of a country in Northern Europe.

  • The name "Norway" itself comes from the Old Norse word "Norðvegr," meaning "northern way" or "northern path." This reflects the country's geographical location in the north.

2. Celebrity Babies with the Name Norway:

  • There are no known celebrities with the given name "Norway." As mentioned, it's not a common name given to babies.

3. Stats for the Name Norway:

  • Since "Norway" is not a given name, there are no official statistics on its popularity.

4. Songs about Norway:

  • While "Norway" as a name isn't common in songs, there are many songs that mention Norway, either about the country itself or with Norwegian themes:

    • "The Sound of Music" by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II: The song "Edelweiss" (though it's often mistakenly thought to be about Austria) references a "little white flower" from Norway.
    • "Norway" by A-ha: A popular 1985 song by the Norwegian band A-ha.
    • "In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson: The lyrics mention "a king of Norway" in this classic rock song.
    • "Viking" by Abbath: This song by a Norwegian black metal band celebrates Norwegian history and mythology.
    • "The Troll's Song" by Loreena McKennitt: This folk song references Norway's connection to trolls in mythology.

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