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Novak: A Name with Meaning and History


The name Novak is of Slavic origin, meaning "new" or "young". It is a common surname in several Slavic countries, but it can also be used as a given name.

Celebrity Babies:

While Novak is not a particularly common name for babies, there are some notable instances:

  • Novak Djokovic: The famous Serbian tennis player, whose name is a testament to its popularity in Slavic cultures.

Stats for the Name Novak:

  • Popularity: In the United States, the name Novak has been steadily rising in popularity, though it remains relatively uncommon.
  • Gender: The name Novak is typically used for boys, although it can be used for girls as well.
  • Variations: The name Novak has several variations in different languages, such as Novák (Czech), Nowak (Polish), and Novakov (Serbian).

Songs about Novak:

Unfortunately, there are no commercially released songs specifically about the name Novak. However, given its connection to the famous tennis player, you might find some fan-made songs or tributes online.

Further Information:

  • Baby Name Websites: You can find more detailed information about the name Novak, including its popularity rankings and etymology, on baby name websites such as Nameberry and Behind the Name.
  • Genealogy Websites: If you are interested in the history of the surname Novak, you can explore genealogy websites like and

Remember, the meaning and significance of a name can vary depending on cultural background and personal interpretation.

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