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Additional Information About Odell

The Name Odell: Meaning, Stats, and Celebrity Babies

Meaning: Odell is a unisex name with several possible origins and meanings:

  • German: "noble wealth"
  • English: "from the hill"
  • Scottish: "from the hill"

Celebrity Babies:

While Odell is not a common name, it has been chosen by a few celebrities for their children:

  • Odell Beckham Jr. (American football player) has a son named Odell Beckham III.
  • Odell Willis (former NFL player) has a daughter named Odell.


  • Popularity: Odell is a relatively uncommon name.
  • Gender: It is used for both boys and girls, though it is more common for boys.

Songs about Odell:

There are no well-known songs specifically about the name "Odell." However, several songs mention the name in context, particularly in relation to the NFL player Odell Beckham Jr.:

  • "Odell" by Dave East (2017) is a rap song referencing Beckham's football career.
  • "Beckham" by Lil Baby (2022) is another rap song praising Beckham's athleticism.


Odell is a name with a strong, meaningful history and a growing presence in the modern world. While it's not a mainstream choice, it's gaining recognition through notable figures like Odell Beckham Jr. and his family.

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