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Additional Information About Odom

Let's break down the name Odom:

Meaning of Odom:

The name Odom is of English origin and is a topographical surname meaning "from the hill home." It's derived from the Old English words "od" (hill) and "ham" (home).

Celebrity Babies with the Name Odom:

While Odom is not a common name for babies, there aren't any well-known celebrity babies with this name. However, there are famous people with the surname Odom, most notably:

  • Lamar Odom: Former NBA player and reality TV personality.
  • Jayda Odom: American actress and writer.

Stats for the Name Odom:

The name Odom is relatively rare in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration, it's not even ranked in the top 1000 names for boys or girls.

Songs about Odom:

There are no known songs with the word "Odom" in the title or lyrics.

Final Thoughts:

While Odom isn't a common name, it has a strong meaning rooted in English history and a few notable figures associated with it.

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