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The Meaning and More of the Name Oengus

Meaning: The name Oengus (also spelled Óengus, Óengus, Angus) is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic Óengus, meaning "one choice" or "single choice." It's a name steeped in Celtic mythology, associated with love, beauty, and the Otherworld.

Celebrity Babies: You're unlikely to find many celebrities naming their children Oengus. It's a very uncommon name, particularly in Western cultures.

Stats: Because of its rarity, finding specific statistics for the name "Oengus" is difficult. You'll likely encounter it more in Irish-speaking regions or within families with strong Irish heritage.

Songs about Oengus: There aren't many songs specifically named after Oengus. However, his association with Irish mythology and folklore means you might encounter references to him in:

  • Traditional Irish Folk Music: Many folk songs and ballads feature stories from Irish mythology, including those involving Oengus.
  • Modern Irish Music: Contemporary Irish artists may draw inspiration from mythology, and some songs could touch on the themes associated with Oengus, such as love, beauty, and the Otherworld.

Other Notes:

  • The name Oengus is often associated with the Irish god of love and beauty, Óengus mac Óg.
  • It's a name with a strong sense of history and cultural significance.
  • While rare, it's a unique and beautiful name with a rich backstory.

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