Additional Information About Ofra

Ofra: A Name Rich in Meaning and History


Ofra is a Hebrew name with two main interpretations:

  • "Fawn" or "Young Deer": This interpretation evokes a sense of grace, agility, and beauty.
  • "My Daughter": This interpretation emphasizes the close bond and love between a parent and child.

Celebrity Babies with this name Ofra:

There are no widely known celebrity babies named Ofra. The name is more common in Israel and other Hebrew-speaking communities.

Stats for the Name Ofra:

  • Popularity: Ofra is a relatively uncommon name, even in Israel. It is not ranked within the top 1000 baby names in the US.
  • Trend: The popularity of the name has remained relatively stable over time.

Songs about Ofra:

There are no well-known songs specifically about the name Ofra. However, some songs in Hebrew or related to Israeli culture might feature the name or a similar word.

Other Interesting Facts:

  • Historical Significance: The name Ofra is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, where it refers to a city in the tribe of Benjamin.
  • Variations: There are several variations of the name Ofra, including Avra and Ofer.

Overall, Ofra is a beautiful and meaningful Hebrew name with a rich history. While not widely known, it holds a special significance for those who share this name.

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