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Meaning of the Name Oormila:

  • Origin: Oormila is a name of Indian origin, particularly from the Hindi language.
  • Meaning: The name Oormila is derived from the Sanskrit word "Urmila," which means "beautiful like a lotus flower." It is often associated with grace, beauty, and charm.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Oormila:

  • There are no notable celebrity babies with the name "Oormila." This is likely because the name is not particularly common in modern times.

Stats for the Name Oormila:

  • Popularity: The name Oormila is not ranked among the most popular baby names in any major country. It is considered a relatively rare name.
  • Trends: While not tracked extensively, the name's popularity has likely decreased over time, as it is less commonly given to babies today.

Songs about Oormila:

  • There are no known songs specifically titled "Oormila." The name is not a common subject in popular music.

Additional Information:

  • Literary Connection: The name "Oormila" is featured in the Indian epic Ramayana. In the story, Oormila is the wife of Lakshmana, the younger brother of Rama, the protagonist.


The name Oormila holds a beautiful meaning rooted in Indian culture, but it is a less common name today. While there are no famous people or songs explicitly named after it, the name holds significance within Indian mythology and literature.

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