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Additional information about Padmapani

Understanding Padmapani

Padmapani is a Sanskrit name with deep spiritual significance. It literally translates to "Lotus-handed" or "Holder of the Lotus."


  • Lotus: In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus symbolizes purity, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and rising above worldly attachments.
  • Hand: The hand represents action, creation, and the ability to hold onto something valuable.

Meaning: The name Padmapani is often associated with Avalokiteshvara, a bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. Avalokiteshvara is depicted holding a lotus flower, symbolizing his compassion, wisdom, and ability to guide beings to enlightenment.

Celebrity Babies with the Name Padmapani

There are no notable celebrities who have named their children Padmapani.

Stats for the Name Padmapani

Since it's a Sanskrit name with deep spiritual significance, it's not commonly used in Western cultures. You'll find very limited data available on the popularity of this name.

Songs about Padmapani

There are no specific songs titled "Padmapani." However, you might find songs that mention the lotus flower or Avalokiteshvara in their lyrics, which could be interpreted as referencing the name.

In Conclusion

Padmapani is a beautiful and meaningful name with deep spiritual roots. While it's not a commonly used name, it carries significant symbolism and evokes a sense of enlightenment and compassion.

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