Additional Information About Pakeezah

Pakeezah: A Name Steeped in Meaning

Meaning: Pakeezah is a beautiful Urdu name that means "pure," "chaste," or "innocent." It reflects a sense of purity, moral uprightness, and spiritual clarity.

Celebrity Babies: There haven't been any prominent celebrity babies named Pakeezah. However, the name is associated with a beloved Bollywood film, "Pakeezah," starring Meena Kumari.

Stats for the Name Pakeezah:

  • Popularity: Pakeezah is not a common name in the Western world. It is more popular in South Asia, particularly in India and Pakistan.
  • Origin: The name is of Urdu origin.
  • Gender: Pakeezah is a female name.

Songs about Pakeezah:

  • "Pakeezah" by Lata Mangeshkar: This is a timeless classic from the film "Pakeezah," known for its haunting melody and lyrical beauty. It captures the essence of the film's tragic love story.
  • "Pakeezah" by Arijit Singh: This modern rendition of the classic song by Arijit Singh has gained popularity in recent years.

Beyond the Name:

The name Pakeezah transcends its literal meaning. It evokes a sense of elegance, refinement, and a strong moral compass. It's a name that carries a weight of history and cultural significance, especially for those familiar with the film "Pakeezah."

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