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Additional Information About Paksha

Let's break down the name "Paksha":

Meaning of the Name Paksha

"Paksha" is a Sanskrit word with several meanings, depending on the context:

  • Fortnight: The most common meaning is "fortnight," referring to a period of 14 days (half a lunar month).
  • Side: It can also signify "side" or "half" as in "two sides of a coin."
  • Wing: In some contexts, it can mean "wing" or "flank."

Celebrity Babies with the Name Paksha

There are no publicly known celebrity babies named Paksha. This is likely due to the name's relatively uncommon usage, particularly in the West.

Stats for the Name Paksha

  • Rarity: Paksha is a very rare name, especially in Western countries.
  • Popularity: No reliable data exists on the popularity of the name Paksha in global usage.

Songs about Paksha

There are no known songs specifically titled "Paksha" or centered around the name.

Important Note: While "Paksha" has a rich meaning in Sanskrit, it's uncommon as a personal name in many cultures. It's more commonly seen in religious and philosophical contexts.

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